Tianyong Zhao


  Prof. Zhao, Tianyong


  Contact Information:

  Mailing Address:

  College of Life Sciences

  Northwest A&F University

  Yangling, Shaanxi 712100

  P. R. China

  Phone: (86) 29 87092017

  E-mail: tzhao2 @nwafu.edu.cn

  Office: North Campus, Science Building, College of Life Sciences, E406


  Research Interests:

  Dr. Zhao’s current research interest focus on the functional analysis and expression regulation of key enzyme genes involved in maize raffinose metabolism pathway. His research goal is to increase drought stress tolerance and seed vigor of maize by regulation of maize raffinose metabolism pathway using both classic and biotechnology approaches.


  Education Experiences:

  China Agricultural University, Plant Genetics and Breeding, Ph.D. 1998

  Hebei Agricultural University, Pomology, B. S. 1990


  Professional Experiences:

  Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Northwest A$F University. Yangling, Shaanxi, China, September, 2011-present

  Research Scientist , University of Kentucky. April,2000-August,2011

  Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Microbial and Plant Biology, U.C.Berkeley. October,1998-March, 2000

  Teacher, Department of Horticulture, Hebei Normal University of Science & Technology, Qinhuangdao, Hebei, P.R.China. July, 1990-June, 1993



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  Qinghui Han, Tao Li, Lifeng Zhang, Lynnette M.A. Dirk, Bruce Downie, Tianyong Zhao*, 2015, Functional analysis of the 5’ regulatory region of the maize ALKALINE ALPHA-GALACTOSIDASE1 gene. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter. 33:1361-1370.

  Lei Gu, Zhaoxue Han, Lifeng Zhang, Bruce Downie, Tianyong Zhao*, 2013, Functional analysis of the 5’ regulatory region of the maize GALACTINOL SYNTHASE2 gene, Plant Science 213:38-45.

  Tianyong Zhao, J. Willis Corum III, Jeffrey Mullen, Robert B. Meeley, Timothy Helentjaris, David Martin, and Bruce Downie,  2006, An alkaline a-galactosidase transcript is present in maize seeds and cultured embryo cells, and accumulates during stress. Seed Science Research. 16:107-121 .

  Tianyong Zhao, Richard Thacker, J. Willis Corum III, John C. Snyder, Robert B. Meeley, Ralph Obendorf, and Bruce Downie,  2004, Expression of the maize GALACTINOL SYNTHASE gene family. I) Expression of two different genes during seed development and germination. Physiol. Plant. 121(4):634-646.

  Tianyong Zhao, David Martin, Robert B. Meeley, and Bruce Downie, 2004, Expression of the maize GALACTINOL SYNTHASE gene family. II) Kernel abscission, environmental stress and myo -inositol influences accumulation of transcript in developing seeds and callus cells.  Physiol. Plant .121 (4): 647-655.

  Tianyong Zhao, Robert Meeley, and Bruce Downie, 2003, Aberrant processing of a Maize GALACTINOL SYNTHASE transcript is caused by heat stress. Plant Science. 165:245-256.

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